Free eye tests for children

Children can have a free eye test from the age of three. Your child does not have to be able to read for these tests. Eye defects including long and short sight, astigmatism, squints and lazy eyes. Eye tests are free under the NHS for all children under 16 and for students under 19 in full-time education.

Protecting children’s vision from tots to teens.

At Allegro Opticians in Meltham we place great emphasis on looking after children’s eyes. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer care and strong ethical values. We specialise in all aspects of children’s eye care, dyslexia consultations, colorimetry, myopia control and all around excellent patient service.

Getting your child’s eyes tested is vitally important. They may struggle to see the board at school which could lead to them falling behind the other students. Our child may not realise that they have a problem with their eyes, especially if they have never had an eye test.

Childrens eye tests overlays and colorimetry dyslexia testing

You can bring your child for a free sight test under the NHS.

We can do eye tests on younger children too, they don’t have to be able to read or talk to have a sight test.

Did you know;

  • 1 in 5 children are short-sighted
  • Under 16s receive FREE eye tests
  • All children receive a free NHS Voucher if necessary
  • 2 pairs of FREE spectacles at Allegro Optical
  • Many children are unaware they have eyesight problems
  • If identified for early many eye conditions respond well to treatment

Children's spectacles and glasses from Allegro Optical opticians in Meltham near Holmfirth, Huddersfield and Saddleworth

Free childrens glasses and eye tests at Allegro Optical Meltham

As with any condition, the earlier vision problems are identified, the better the outcome. If eye problems are not picked up at an early age, your child could end up with permanently reduced vision in one or both eyes.

We provide all children with two pairs of spectacles, one pair free on the NHS with a valid optical voucher, the second free of charge as our gift. We know that accidents happen, that why we believe that it is important for ALL children to have a spare pair of specs. However,  our newest range of Pennine4U kids frames are practically unbreakable. They are FREE with an NHS Optical voucher too!

Don’t take a risk with your child’s vision, call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090 and book their eye test today, you’ll be protecting their future.

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