Contact lenses

Would you like to bin the binns?
Would life be easier without specs?
Here at Allegro Optical Opticians, we believe that if you haven’t tried contact lenses you’ll never know how good your vision will be with contact lenses.

Did you know that most people can wear contact lenses?

For those who have busy or active lifestyles, contact lenses can have a positive impact on your day-to-day life.

So why not give contact lenses a try?

So as long as you’re willing, we are more than happy to fit contact lenses for you.

Offering a practical and discreet solution to better vision, disposable contact lenses blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. From dailies to monthly lenses and even coloured contact lenses, you will find exactly what you’re looking for here.

Not sure which contact lenses are right for you?

With our no-obligation trial, you can see for yourself.

Some FAQs about contact lenses

How do I get contact lenses?

If you want to wear contact lenses to correct your vision contact us to arrange for a no-obligation contact lens fitting and trial.  Only registered optometrists, contact lens opticians and medical practitioners can fit contact lenses.

What happens when I go for a contact lens fitting?

Our contact lens fittings include a thorough eye and contact lens examination. This will determine if your eyes are healthy and if you are suitable for contact lens wear. Our optometrists and/or contact lens opticians will also take a series of measurements of your eyes to find the best possible lens type for fit and vision. They will ask about your visual and lifestyle requirements.

How do I know if contact lenses are right for me?

Our optometrists and/or contact lens opticians will try some contact lenses on your eyes so that you can see how they feel, and they will then check their fit and your vision. Once you’ve tried the lenses, you can decide together whether contact lenses are right for you.

Can I try contact lenses before I decide whether to buy them?

Before you can buy any lenses you’ll need to learn how to look after them. We’ll teach you how to put them on your eye and remove them before you take them away to try. Once you’ve worn the lenses, you’ll need to come back about two weeks later to have the health of your eyes checked and the fitting completed.

What type of contact lenses should I wear?

Think about how often, when and where you would like to wear contact lenses. Is it going to be every day, for going out or playing sport, or maybe just for special occasions? Our optometrists and/or contact lens opticians will help you decide on the best type of lens to suit your needs and give advice on how you how often you should replace them.

Are all contact lenses the same?

No. There are a great many different types of contact lenses and thousands of different fittings. Each contact lens type needs to be fitted to meet your individual requirements. Contact lenses are not interchangeable and you should never change your lens type, never share your lenses or change the way you wear your lenses without the recommendation of your practitioner.

Am I too young for contact lenses?

Yes, they can, young children, and even some babies, can be fitted with contact lenses. Research has shown that children can wear contact lenses successfully and many benefit from contact lens wear. Now that most contact lenses are replaced often, there is no need to wait until your eyes have stopped changing to wear contact lenses.

Am I too old for contact lenses?

Certainly not, thanks to modern contact lenses there’s no reason why age should be a barrier. Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses are available for those who need multiple lens powers for distance and close work. You may want to wear contact lenses just some of the time and spectacles for the rest. It’s really easy to do.

How much do contact lenses cost?

The cost of contact lenses varies depending on the lens type and the frequency of wear. We can advise on the cost of check-ups in the price of lenses. You can pay as you go or we offer a monthly eye plan payment scheme.

So what are you waiting for call Greenfield 01457 353100 or Meltham 01484 907090 and book your no-obligation contact lens trial today.

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