Contact lenses

As independent opticians, we can access virtually every type of contact lens on the market and we give our optometrists complete freedom to fit the lenses best suited to your requirements.
Our optometrists are all qualified and experienced in fitting contact lenses and they keep up to date with the latest innovations in the contact lens industry.

Contact lenses at Allegro Optical



If you book a Contact Lens trial with one of our expert practitioners you are under no obligation to buy. It gives you an opportunity to find out more about contact lenses and seek advice from our friendly, expert team.
We will discuss which type of contact lens would be best for you, taking into account your lifestyle and vision.
A member of our team will demonstrate how easy it is to insert and remove your contact lenses. This may seem tricky at first, but it only takes a short while for you to get used to contact lenses. The benefits of excellent vision and freedom from glasses will make you wonder why you never tried them before!

Once you can insert and remove your contact lenses with ease we will give you either a weeks trial of daily lenses or a pair of monthly lenses and make an appointment for you to return for a follow-up appointment with your contact lenses in. It’s as simple as that!


The huge advances in contact lens technology over recent years means that almost everyone can wear contact lenses these days. Modern contact lenses are convenient and comfortable. From daily disposables to all day – all night lenses contact lenses are now easier to use than ever before.
Many people who have previously been advised they will be unable to wear contact lenses are now able to enjoy the freedom they provide.


Our optometrists Amy Ogden, Gemma Augustine, Sara Ackroyd and Stephen Haigh regularly fit contact lenses to children. There is no set minimum age for children to begin contact lens wear. It depends largely on their maturity and motivation. Children as young as 8 or 9 are able to wear contact lenses successfully. Many are keen to try contact lenses, but find that they’re not quite ready. In this case we defer a second trial until their early teens. Contact us if you wish to discuss your child’s suitability in more detail.

We offer the following contact lenses and solutions:
  • All types of disposable lenses
  • Silicone Hydrogel lenses
  • Soft and hard gas permeable lenses
  • Coloured contact lenses
  • Contact lens solutions
  • Peroxide and non-peroxide solutions
  • Eye drops and saline solutions
  • Contact lens cases

A professional and friendly contact lens fitting service:

  • Full contact lens fitting appointment
  • Contact lens check up schemes and packages available
  • Regular contact lens aftercare

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