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Ageing eyes can present problems for musicians which we can help solve.

In music, the term allegro distinguishes a movement which is to be played very quickly. The conductor might instruct the ensemble to try playing a piece allegro, but what if the musician can’t see the music clearly or focus on the conductor for instruction. Imagine if your job depended on your ability to focus at multiple distances and you found it increasingly difficult to do so. Imagine how you might feel, having such a passion for what you do, but you now struggle! Music is a way of life, not a hobby or a fad!

At Allegro Optical we know that many mature musicians struggle to see both the sheet music and the conductor while playing their instrument. We also know that many opticians don’t really understand how to correct the musician’s vision clearly at the many visual distances required by the professional or keen amateur musicians. If you are a professional, it could even potentially shorten your career?

Musicians experiencing these worrying problems go to their opticians, ‘whom are normally in general practice’, looking for a solution. Many opticians have the solution to non-specialist problems but are unaware of how to use their knowledge to fix the problem for musicians and usually miss prescribe, because they simply do not fully understand the problem. At Allegro Optical we are opticians who are music performers and we play many different instruments in different ensembles, so we understand the many optical challenges musicians face and we specialise in solving those problems.

Vision reduction among musicians is a sensitive subject and is more common than you might think, in fact, it is such a common problem that the internet is full of forums where musicians regularly look for a solution to the problem. Many musicians are quietly aware of the problems caused by presbyopia, a condition which affects a person’s ability to focus at different working distances. The problem with focusing is caused by presbyopia and results in a reduction in the flexibility of the eye’s crystalline lens and ciliary muscle.

This can mean that for many musicians like our friend, Professor Baker, (a professional organist), had difficulty reading the music and seeing the conductor at the same time because of the two massively different focal lengths required.  We provided information and advice to him, and he was ecstatic with the results. In fact, he said we had helped him extended his playing career. We are passionate about helping musicians develop an optical solution to their individual requirements. Losing the facility of good vision is heart wrenching for a musician!

We are musical and we ‘get it’! We know that this is a huge problem for musicians and performers. We understand their unique problems and we also understand that when the musician seeks advice there solutions will need to be unique to them as individuals. It matters where you sit, how you hold your instrument, what type of instrument it is, the variable distances involved, etc., etc.…

We at Allegro Optical have developed a unique algorithmic formula and scientific way to solve these optical problems and we use state of the art lenses. We have developed a relationship with a manufacturer whose product we know is the only one the market to help fix these problems properly.  We have the Product, knowledge, skill and ability to improve the mature musician’s lot. It can be expensive to go to an optician who can’t cure the problem, as you pay for a solution that potentially won’t work.

Why should you choose Allegro Optical?

Sheryl Doe is a dispensing optician with over 16 years’ experience in the optical profession. She has worked in Europe and the UK in some of the most demanding areas of eye care need.

Sheryl is experienced in many different optical disciplines. She is also a keen musician and while at school, Sheryl played the Cello and Double bass. She currently also plays cornet in a local brass band. With a lifelong love of music, Sheryl has developed a unique understanding that some musicians face with deteriorating eyesight.

Sheryl has developed a unique algorithm to help in this area and has had papers published on the subject of Dispensing and is seen as an industry leader in her specialist field. She has also found that her unique approach to vision correction works well for teachers, lecturers and those that present regularly.

Are you a Musician?

We have a range of lightweight stylish frames, perfectly suited to musicians needs, and coupled with a range of lenses using cutting-edge technology to sharpen up even the most problematic situations.

Orchestra Vision Correction from Allegro Optical

At Allegro Optical we specialise in all aspects of vision correction for the musician and those who perform in everyday life.  Between us we have over 52 years’ experience, so, whether you want advice, spectacles or contact lenses to allow you to see the music call us on  01484 907090 to speak to a member of our team.

The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers. Roy Ayers
 Our ears allow us to hear and enjoy music, but if you are a Musician your eyes are just as important. Just like anyone else you rely on your eyes to read clearly, but you also rely on them to read the music you need or want to play. The effects of visual problems for a musician can be severe. Certain age-related conditions can affect the eyes and have put professional musicians into early retirement.

If you are a musician who is affected by vision problems, try not to worry, our clinical team are experienced in the specific needs of the entertainment industry, so if you have concerns about your vision or how to improve it please give us a call or e-mail on – we’re here to help.

Presbyopia – a condition which affects a person’s ability to focus at closer working distances – can get in the way of the musician’s work. Caused by loss of elasticity of the eye’s crystalline lenses, Presbyopia can mean that for musicians focusing on a music stand while also being able to see the conductor can be tricky. As a result, it forces many people to retire from playing in public altogether.

Our team are registered optical practitioners and have the flexibility to provide our clients with bespoke services, either in our clinics or on location, according to their individual needs; including sight tests, the only custom-made musician’s lenses in the UK and they can advise on all areas of eye health.

We are recommended opticians for a range of visual corrections and are experienced in all areas of musician’s optical requirements. We can provide a flexible service either on-site at the studio, rehearsal room or at our practice in Meltham.

Our clinical team at Allegro Optical give regular talks and demonstrations on all areas of visual impairment and how it can affect a musician’s performance. We are regularly called upon to give advice and support to professional and amateur musicians.

The majority of our clients come to us by recommendation.  We now hold regular vision correction clinics either at your location or you can also visit us for a group booking. Let us know a time and date that suits you.

At Allegro Optical Ltd we specialise in all aspects of musician’s vision correction to enhance your playing pleasure and performance.  We have over 52 years’ experience in the optical and entertainment industry, so, whether you want advice or a practical solution call us on 01484 907090 or click here to email us.

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