On site eye care for employers

As an employer, you have health and safety obligations to your employees which includes eye health. We can help in this area.

You can protect your employee’s eyesight easily and cost effectively by you joining the Allegro Optical Business Eye Care. We offer a very simple service which provides great benefits and exceptional value for money. Allegro Optical are an independent opticians practice based in West Yorkshire. We have over 52 years and are now offering this high level of service and care to local businesses in the Leeds, Manchester, and Sheffield triangle. From comprehensive eye examinations and spectacles for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users, to safety eye-wear for workshop and factory workers. Not forgetting our unique eye care service for musicians, presenters and performers.

We can either invoice our corporate clients directly or provide employee vouchers in advance via our website or over the phone.

Our unique service provides peace of mind, protecting your business’s most valuable assets (your employees). We give professional advice to screen users to help reduce eye strain and headaches, which can, in turn, lead to improved productivity. Protect your employee’s sight with Allegro Optical Business eye-care.

Your requirements as an employer

As an employer, you have a legal obligation under The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to provide eye care to certain members of your staff.  By understanding your needs as an employer we have designed our unique business eye care programme to fulfil these requirements. The NHS recommends that everyone should have an eye examination at least every 2 years, this equates to less than £10 per employee per year!
Value for money: Our eye care services for local businesses are competitively priced and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.

DSE users

UK regulations require that employees using DSEs be provided with an eye examination at regular intervals, funded by their employer. As already stated employers are also obliged to provide appropriate spectacles for the work being undertaken by employees using DSEs. It is well documented that prolonged computer use can cause symptoms such as: • eyestrain / red eyes • headaches/migraine • difficulty focusing / dry eyes • postural problems in the workplace, resulting in reduced productivity. Eye problems are relatively common among any workforce, so easy access to a trusted optician is very important.  Allegro Optical Business eye-care can provide the required eye examination and DSE spectacles where necessary, but we go further with giving valuable advice on DSE ergonomics, helping computer users achieve a more comfortable and so a more productive DSE environment.

Allegro Optical Business eye-care offer a range of complete price spectacles from just £40.00 to complex prescriptions including prisms and specialist office lenses (if required) from £96.00 All complete spectacles include: frame, market leading Rodenstock branded lenses, cloth, hard case and fitting and aftercare service. Alternatively, should employees wish to choose from our wider selection of frames and lenses, they can use your business contribution and pay any additional costs themselves.

Industrial environments

Many industrial environments pose potential eye health risks for employees. Machinery, sparks, metal fragments and dust can cause irreparable damage to employees eyes, even if your employees already wear spectacles. All safety eyewear provided by Allegro Optical Business Eye care fully conforms to BS EN166 specifications and are all are stamped with the British standard kite-mark. Our safety eyewear is designed to protect your employee’s eyes and help prevent potentially serious accidents. Safety glasses are available with prescription lenses (where needed) doing away with the need to have clumsy goggles fitting over your employees own spectacles. All of our safety eyewear carries full certification of conformity to the required regulations. We have a range of safety eyewear to try both in our practice or at our onsite clinics, with both metal and plastic frames and different lens options to ensure your employees have the correct protection they need. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have and can be contacted on 0113 345 2272 or email info@allegrooptical.co.uk


Any employee in your workplace, including warehouse staff or anyone who drives a company vehicle can also benefit from Allegro Optical Business Eye care services. Allegro Optical Business Eye care is the easy way to safeguard the vision and health of all your employees. This important health check can detect early warning signs of serious conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes, which if left untreated, can lead to blindness. Our eye care professionals are amongst the best you will find anywhere in the UK and are experts in their field.


Employee wellbeing

Allegro Optical offer screening and on-site eye examinations across West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. Bringing specialist opticians directly to your workplace for up to a day at a time can save you time and money. We also take part in wellbeing days at your premises alongside other participants, such as bespoke well-being specialists, audiologists providing hearing and noise assessments, and ergonomic workplace specialists.


Allegro Optical Business eye-care examinations from  £34.50 (usually £38.50) Retinal imaging: £39.50 For further information about any of our eye care packages or other services we can offer, please contact us on 01484 907090 or email info@allegrooptical.co.uk

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